Monday, February 21, 2011

Obama’s 2012 Budget: Tool Of Class War

Obama’s 2012 Budget: Tool Of Class War

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Paul Craig Roberts
Friday, February 18, 2011

Barack Obama
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"Obama’s new budget is a continuation of Wall Street’s class war against the poor and middle class. Wall Street wasn’t through with us when the banksters sold their fraudulent derivatives into our pension funds, wrecked Americans’ job prospects and retirement plans, secured a $700 billion bailout at taxpayers’ expense while foreclosing on the homes of millions of Americans, and loaded up the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet with several trillion dollars of junk financial paper in exchange for newly created money to shore up the banks’ balance sheets. The effect of the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” on inflation, interest rates, and the dollar’s foreign exchange value are yet to hit. When they do, Americans will get a lesson in poverty."

Paul Craig Roberts

Monday, November 15, 2010


"The person most pleased with our foreign policy is Osama bin Laden," Paul went on. "He said, ‘I’m going to get you to come over here and we’ll fight you on our sand, and we will do what we did to the Soviets.’ … He said he will do the same thing, he will eventually bankrupt this country."

"So yeah," Paul acknowledged. "We want to get rid of a bad guy in Iraq — we did. But … another one million Iraqis got killed. Believe me, they weren’t all terrorists. … "

Attributed to Ron Paul

This nation killed 1 million Iraqis and they sure were not all terrorist or soldiers. Garry


The Following from

"The “Current Housing Recession is Rivaling the Great Depression’s Real Estate Downturn [and] Will Easily Eclipse It In the Coming Months”

Washington’s Blog
Nov 11, 2010

Zillow’s Stan Humphries said:

The length and depth of the current housing recession is rivaling the Great Depression’s real estate downturn, and, with encouraging signs fading, will easily eclipse it in the coming months.

During the Great Depression, home prices fell 25.9 percent in five years. The U.S. housing market is now down around 25 percent from its peak in 2006.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I have had many comments on this blog(altough recently I am not very active on it)

Some made very good points. Any comment made was considered. Some I agreed with and some I did not.

Your voice is important. Our Government needs to hear from you.

I have written, Emailed, bloged, and been involved in debates, and public protests.

I would encourage you all to do the same, for I find more wisdom in your comments then I do in the Local, State, and Federal Government.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

There is little hope of a turn around

Official Recession: Though few talk about it even the government with thier scewed figures know that we have been in a recession since December 2007

-General Motors has cut over 100,000 people since the beginning of that recession.

Indeed the real unemployment is close to 20 %. We are in a depression. For the government is using fake means to keep the economy going even at this depressed rate.

The nation has fallen. There is little hope of a turn around. All the government has is lies. The ony thing that will change this slide into the abyss, is repentance.

Monday, September 13, 2010

From Campaign for Liberty

This is a message from Campaign for Liberty concerning Government undermining of the Constitution.

September 11, 2010

Dear C4L Member,

"When Congress returns from recess this coming week, a lot of bad ideas will be coming back with it.

I’ll provide a link below where you can get contact information for your representative and senators, but first, let me tell you about just some of what we can expect to see in the next few weeks.

****Senate leadership is determined to ram through the DISCLOSE Act (a.k.a. the Establishment Protection Act) to silence freedom-fighting organizations like C4L by going after our donors. It only takes one compromise by the New England Triplets (Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Scott Brown) or other senators to turn this threat into law.

****Legislators would still love to pass a Cap and Tax bill that would further interfere with the free market, hike our taxes (possibly costing us as much as $650 billion), result in more than one million lost American jobs per year, and create new invasive federal powers to control our lives.

****First responders (Police, Fire, and EMT) would be devastated by a Police-Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill that would override state laws, push already bloated state budgets past the breaking point, and empower Big Labor by making its agents the spokesmen for public-safety officers. According to National Right to Work, “Congressional action would thus strip tens of thousands of police and firemen of their freedom to negotiate directly with their employers on their own behalf.”

****Power-hungry politicians will seek to use the egg recall to throw America’s heartland under the government-subsidized corporatist bus. S. 510, the so-called "Food Safety Modernization Act," grants blanket authority for federal agencies to impose international guidelines and standards on domestic food producers, and Section 401 authorizes nearly $1 billion to grow the FDA’s reach and calls for almost 4,000 new bureaucrats to be hired in fiscal year 2010 alone.

****The Internet, a critical outlet for liberty-minded speech and grassroots mobilization, could come under attack from an Internet Takeover Bill that would allow the government (in the name of supposed “cyber security”) to overrun private providers and take charge of what we have access to. Senator Joe Lieberman has already admitted on national television that he thinks China’s ability to disconnect parts of the Internet is a good example for us to follow.

****President Obama is calling for $50 billion in new “stimulus” spending on so-called infrastructure (including huge payoffs to Big Labor and other Obama backers), and you can be sure that’s only the first installment. Instead of enabling businesses to create jobs and drive innovation by cutting taxes, removing regulations, and getting D.C. out of the way, we will take on even more debt and follow the same playbook that ruined our economy.

****While Cap and Tax strikes at how we live in our own homes, Senator Chris Dodd’s S. 1619, the “Livable Communities Act,” embodies the spirit of the UN’s Agenda 21 and would reshape entire neighborhoods in any way the federal government sees fit. It further strengthens the executive branch’s control by creating a new permanent bureaucracy (the Interagency Council on Sustainable Communities) and brings with it billions in grants, which will put intense pressure on local officials to comply with the law.

As Congress returns, we need to ensure it hears one loud, clear message from the freedom movement:

Stop it.

Stop spending.

Stop shredding the Constitution.

Stop making things worse because you want to be seen as doing “something.”

Click here to get contact information for your representative and senators and help C4L send that message.

The statists need to be relentlessly reminded that we are not going to dial back the pressure.

They would love nothing more than to overwhelm us with so much awful legislation that we give up, lose hope, and stand down.

The first week of this session could determine what bills have momentum to pass, and which ones are swept aside.

Please, make sure Congress hears from you right away."

In Liberty,

John Tate


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crocadile Dundee Killed

Date: Saturday, 4 November 2000, 2:07 p.m.

The following article is purportedly from the November 2000 edition of The Firing Line. It was handed to me by a retired policeman and member of the California Rifle and Pistol Association. In light of what is happening in Arizona and reported elsewhere on RMN, this story takes on a "critical mass" kind of perspective.


I am unashamed to tell you I am weeping as I write this story.

Last August, Rodney William Ansell, the rugged Aussie whose real life exploits inspired the Crocodile Dundee movies, died in a shootout with Australian police who had come (to confiscate his unregistered firearms. Oh, you didn't read about it in our ‘free’ press? That's cause it never appeared. "

•Arizona law has nothing in the books regulating assault rifles

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Important "Campaign For Liberty" Letter

Dear Patriot:

Please take your time and read this email carefully.

"Because if a bill quietly sneaking its way through Congress passes, an email like this could be the last non-government message to ever hit your inbox.

In fact, someday you may even find yourself unable to log in to your email in the first place!

I know what you're thinking: Maybe this is just another Internet hoax.

I wish it was.

But Barack Obama and Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) want to make this nightmare a reality. That's why Rockefeller introduced S. 773, "The Cybersecurity Act of 2009."

Cosponsors include Senators Evan Bayh (D-IN), Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME).

You see, Barack Obama is seeking sweeping new powers to "shut down" all private internet in the event of a "cybersecurity emergency" — a vague term that the President can define at his discretion.

And Rockefeller's bill gives Barack Obama just what he wants.

That's why this expansive new power grab should really be called "The Internet Takeover Bill."

As you know, the Internet has developed into an independent sphere where 1st Amendment Rights can still be (fairly) freely exercised.

It's also become an important outlet for liberty-minded speech, cutting around the Obama-worship and corporate censorship of the mainstream media.

And we've already seen the Obama Administration's reaction to any online speech they deem "fishy."

Last July, the Administration called upon Americans to report their friends' and neighbors' emails to help Barack Obama silence the "disinformation" about the Obamacare bills in Congress.

Well now Barack Obama wants to cut out the middle man.

If the Internet Takeover Bill passes, Barack Obama can silence his dissenters directly — by ordering a shutdown of the U.S. Internet.

That's right, under this bill Barack Obama can order all non-government U.S. networks to shutdown from the Internet.

But that's not all.

Even outside of periods of White House-declared "emergency," this bill mandates that private-sector networks only be managed by government-licensed "cybersecurity professionals."

If you think dealing with your office IT department is bad now, just wait until they're federally-licensed bureaucrats.

Well I know I like writing to you, and I hope you like hearing from me.

Or if not me, at least you probably like staying in touch with your family and friends, and having access to uncensored news and current events.

And that's why I hope you'll help Campaign for Liberty stop the Internet Takeover Bill by signing our Internet User's Mandate to Congress.

Today, legislation like this — built on the same statist principles as the infamous Patriot Act — must sneak through Congress quietly.

They know Americans are no longer willing to swallow this swill "for our own good."

And it's especially critical that Campaign for Liberty and other fellow R3volutionaries fight this power grab.

Can you imagine how easily those in power could fabricate an "emergency" on a big money bomb day for a strong liberty candidate threatening the establishment?

Or how about message boards vital to planning and freedom rallies and protests of socialized medicine?

With "right-wing extremists" freely and visibly exercising their 2nd Amendment rights at such events, no doubt the White House could declare "emergency" and shut down all online planning.

I don't want to see good politicians lose potential millions or demonstrations of liberty extinguished. I hope you don't either.

That's why I hope you'll sign your Internet User's Mandate and make a donation right now to Campaign for Liberty to make sure that never happens.

We're going to fight this bill hard, because it's clear that the Internet is the next frontier for liberty politics, and Campaign for Liberty is right on the forefront.

So please click here to sign your Internet User's Mandate to Congress in opposition to Barack Obama's Internet Takeover and Shutdown Bill.

And in addition to signing your mandate, please make a generous contribution of $100, $50 or $25 so we can fight this Internet takeover.

We need to fight to make sure Barack Obama doesn't disconnect your computer, shut down your favorite websites, or block all your emails.

And frankly with Audit the Fed, Cap and Tax and socialized healthcare debates, Campaign for Liberty is stretched pretty thin.

And unlike the government we don't print, borrow or take money by force (taxes). Our only revenue comes from voluntary contributions from liberty activists like you.

We need you to stay educated and active.

We've put too much time into building our pro-liberty online networks, websites and email lists. We simply cannot afford to give Barack Obama the power to dismantle all that at the drop of a hat.

So please, click here to sign your Internet User's Mandate and if you can make a contribution of $100, $50 or $25 or whatever you want to Campaign for Liberty to stop this power grab... defend our rights...

...and most importantly, to protect this movement.

I trust you'll join this fight to protect all the progress we've made.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. The Internet Takeover Bill (S. 773) is threatening to "unplug" private networks from the Internet on the order of the President and dismantle the online army we've worked so hard to build."

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It Is Up To Us

As bad as things are in our nation, there is only one remedy. It is not that politics arise and lead us out of the present malaise. It is that God's people repent.

2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.